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    Pushing settings out as easy as importing registry keys?


      We just rolled out Dameware 11 (we were on 9 before).  This is standalone, not the centralized server model yet.  I noticed even though I used the MSI builder and configured the settings, they didn't seem to apply to everyone.  For example we have just started testing removing "Domain Admins" from our IT support people and in order to still be able to use Dameware we had to push out settings for only allow these specific groups to connect to not only DOMAIN\Domain Admins, but also DOMAIN\Information Technology.  At least one person's dameware was asking them for permission and even when granted we couldn't take control (view only).  A few others we could not connect at all with our windows credentials unless I ran MMC as a domain admin, managed that particular computer and put Information Technology in as a local admin.


      So I did some digging with Regshot and found all the settings seem to be saved at HKLM\Software\DameWare Development\Mini Remote Control Service.  So I got all the settings how I want them, tested them and then exported this branch in regedit.  I imported it into Dell Desktop Authority so these registry keys are imported to the PC if the dwmrc.exe file version is equal to 11.0 or greater.  So far it seems to work.  Are there any caveats to doing this?  Again it seems to be working fine but I wanted to post it out there just as an FYI.