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    Adding Nodes to WorldMap automatically


      I just today stumbled upon the WorldMap feature that was added in NPM 10.6. When I first added the resource to my page I found that it had already populated around 50 of my nodes without any input from me.

      It took a minute for me to realize that it didn't add all the nodes. I however can't find a rhyme or reason as to how it selected the ones it added. Did it try to add all of them? I only have around 130 at this time but can't find a field that is missing on one that wasn't added and filled in for one that was.

      As I'm configuring nodes I'd love to see how these were automatically placed so I can make sure my future nodes have the needed info so I don't have to manually place them.

      So far the only documentation I can find on WorldMap only contains the instructions for how to add a new node and set the GPS coordinates.


      Thanks for any help you all can provide!