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    NOC day to day work

    Shuja Abbas

      I want to list out some day to day manual works which are done in NOC on daily basis .

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          Every 4 hours

               Review Lima: NOC Incoming Guide#LIMA



          Start of shift:

               Check your calendar for meetings and timed DNS changes

               Login to phone and open for inbound calls.

               Review SolarWinds for Active alerts and general status of the network health.

               Review the most recent Handover report for ongoing activities, upcoming planned events, and issues to be aware of on your shift. 

               Before the previous shift team leaves, have a conversation about the handover report and items of interest.

               Scan the netops email archives for general informational updates on issues that have transpired since your last shift (keep this to 5-10mins Max)

               Review tickets for any NEW or OPEN and Unowned tickets to be investigated and resolved.


          8am Saturday and Sunday

               Read the handover report for issues that should have delayed escalation to engineers. e.g. single power supply failure in a router.


          End of shift

               Create and/or review the latest Handover report to determine whether there is anything you can add or delete in passing to the next shift. 

               Have a conversation with next shift team about the report and items of interest.

               Review all tickets you have taken ownership and determine whether any of them should be released for possible action before your next shift.

               Close and Log out of phone system




          End of your work week

               Submit your timesheet


          Third Shift Tuesday / Wednesday

               Carry out the BGP session checking procedure

               Cleanup 'problem interfaces' on the large NOC screen: procedure



          First day of the month

               Second and/or Third shift: review the current wardialer ticket.  Resolve the previous wardialer ticket if needed.


          First workday of the month

               JK or RJL: Export the NOC wiki to HTML and PDF formats and copy onto the thumb-drives with each go-bag and laptop

               JK: Update/compile and processing lists of BGP peering opportunities.


          Tuesday of the last full week of the month

               Complete your monthly report and mail it to your manager