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    webhelpdesk in carbon copy


      We have users who keep placing WHD in the CC filed in emails to a group.  This creates new tickets every time one of them replies to all.  Is there a way to filter or manage these easily?

      I thought of separate incoming email accounts (this doesn't really solve the problem though)

      I also thought about filtering the emails or using an action rule, but I can't seem to figure out how to filter by To and CC fields, nor can I find any email-related conditions.


      Has anyone thought of a solution?  This is not critical, just an annoyance for us techs (for users as well I'm sure.)  I just can't seem to get the message across to them on how to use the system.


      Thanks in advance everyone,


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          I did find a partial resolution to exclude tickets opened by email with webhelpdesk in the CC field, but I still don't have anything when the WHD email is in the TO field and with others in TO or CC.  As soon as I stopped the WHD storm of duplicate ticket creations caused by WHD being in the CC line, our users started putting WHD in the TO field along with everyone else including the CC.


          For those that are interested on the rule I used to "stop" incoming email with helpdesk in CC on a new ticket:

          • Action Rule (cascade unchecked) and at top.
          • Rule trigger:  only when updated by a client
          • Rule trigger:  only at ticket creation
          • Criteria ALL:  Latest Update Trigger = E-mail to WHD as CC
          • Criteria ALL:  subject does not contain "ticket"
          • Criteria ALL:  Request Type is <default ticket type for the incoming tickets via email>
          • Action:  Modify ticket:  I change request type , Add a solution tech note indicating why it is cancelled,, Status - Closed, Priority, disable all client CC's, and finally email the client.

          This still allows the email to come in and create a ticket, but we don't have to do anything with them, plus it informs the user how to email WHD.


          If anyone can think of something for doing something similar to emails with others in CC or TO for new ticket creation, I would appreciate the help.

          So basically I am attempting to stop ticket creation when anyone else, other than WHD, is in any address field unless it is a ticket update.

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            Our installation of WHD (12.2) is experiencing the same issue.  I have narrowed down the trigger to this event:  Each time a tech replies to a WHD e-mail (like adding a note, changing status), the address of the default incoming e-mail account is added to the CC: field.


            I placed a technical request with SolarWinds.  The support team @ SolarWinds is thinking an Action Rule did not delete properly.  There's a chance someone did enter an action rule that placed this address in the CC field.  But with that action rule deleted, it can not be displayed on the Action Rules maintenance screen.  So they had me dump the contents of the table Action_Rules for them to investigate.  I will update this post/thread when I get updates from Tech Support.

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              What we do is have a different address in the outgoing email as the incoming.  That way, when the clients reply, the only thing they see is the distribution list email and not the incoming ticket creation email.