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    Netflow configure Cisco ASR 1002


      We just installed a Cisco ASR 1002, The old net flow commands used in our 3845 do not work. Has anyone set configuration to export Top-Talkers?



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          Hi Morang have you try the below configuration?


          flow record NETFLOW_RECORD

          match ipv4 tos

          match ipv4 protocol

          match ipv4 source address

          match ipv4 destination address

          match transport source-port

          match transport destination-port

          match interface input

          collect interface output

          collect counter bytes

          collect counter packets



          flow exporter NETFLOW_EXPORT

          destination X.X.X.X

          source FastEthernet0/1/0

          transport udp 2055

          export-protocol netflow-v5



          flow monitor NETFLOW_MONITOR

          description Original Netflow captures

          exporter NETFLOW_EXPORT

          cache timeout inactive 10

          cache timeout active 5

          record NETFLOW_RECORD



          interface GigabitEthernet0/0/4

          ip flow monitor NETFLOW_MONITOR input

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            Morang, Did you try the suggestions Lutherapalis suggested?


            We have just started trying to enable netflow export on an ASR 1001 - and it resulted in 99% memory being consumed almost immediately. Stopping export doesn't release memory, had to reload. I will suggest we try the above on our secondary ASR.