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    subnet discovery: what devices are supported?


      When using subnet discovery, I find that I can pull the table from my "routers" but not my layer 3 switches.  We summarize our tables so I need to pull subnets from each of my 4507's or 3560's to get the sites "none summarized" routing table.  BUT, each time I do this I get zero subnets returned from the layer 3 switches.

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          Hi Napoleon,


          you can check if your L3 switches respond to these OIDs:

          1 - ISO assigned OIDs

          1.3 - ISO Identified Organization

          1.3.6 - US Department of Defense

 - OID assignments from - Internet

 - IETF Management


 - ip

 - ipForwarding

 - ipRouteTable


          if so, please send us SNMP walk (use my email) and we will reproduce behavior in our lab.