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    NetFlow Sources


      Any ideas why a node would be listed as a NetFlow source in the NTA module when the device is not configured with NetFlow? Selecting the node in the Flow Navigator, there is no NetFlow data associated with the node (of course), but it is listed as a source with two source interfaces, a Multilink and Serial interface. I can look at the config of the node in NCM and the word 'flow' is not in it. Signed Confused in Sacramento.

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          Well, a node will be listed in NetFlow sources in case you've been receiving data from in past or if you've checked to receive NetFlow/CBQoS from this node in Manage sources.

          To get rid of it (in both cases), please go to Manage sources (top right button on NetFlow sources resource) and uncheck the check-box in NetFlow and CBQoS columns for that node.