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    Does EOC support SWQL Select Case?


      I am trying to setup a case statement in EOC 1.6 using SWQL and everything I do fails.


      Boiling it down to something simple still fails


      CASE WHEN a.AcknowledgedTime = '12/30/1899 8:00:00 AM' Then ''
      ELSE a.AcknowledgedTime END
      FROM EOC.AlertStatus a



      What I am seeing is the default ack time of 12/30/1899 8:00:00 AM this is confusing users. I'd like to simple hide it from my query by using a case and then just showing blank.  I have tried using DateTime('12/30/1899 8:00:00 AM') and using other operators such as like or <>


      Testing in SWQL Studio gives the error below:


      SWQL Studio


      mismatched input 'CASE' expecting '<UP>'






      Testing on the web resource gives the error:

      There was an error processing the request.


      Any thoughts?

      Using 12/30/1899 8:00:00 AM