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    Can't install agent on linux OS

    Tira Li

      Hi All,


           I'm testing LEM 6.0.1 software for collecting windows and linux servers' syslog. As the configuration guide, we need to install the agent on window and linux server. When installing the linux, it can't work. It always gives us the error message as below. I make sure that the linux v6.0.1 64bit agent package has been downloaded correct from SolarWinds Website.

           My linux version is Centos 5.11 x86_64bit, please give some advice. Thx in advance!

           In addition, how to disable or filtering some logs on LEM Monitor since there're too much!


      [root@chrisitnet home]# ./setup.bin

      Preparing to install...

      Extracting the JRE from the installer archive...

      Unpacking the JRE...


      gzip: /tmp/install.dir.20082/Linux/resource/vm.tar.Z: invalid compressed data--format violated

      /tmp/install.dir.20082/Linux/resource/vm.tar.Z: not in compressed format


      gzip: /tmp/install.dir.20082/Linux/resource/vm.tar.Z: invalid compressed data--format violated

      The included VM could not be uncompressed (GZIP/UNCOMPRESS). Please try to

      download the installer again and make sure that you download using 'binary'

      mode.  Please do not attempt to install this currently downloaded copy.