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    Weird issue with NPM / UCS Blades with VMWare and Disks


      So we have a much of our ESXi hosts running on UCS blades and all of them are showing the following error. It seems that the drives are not checking in to the hardware monitoring. Has anyone else seen this or have a resolution around it?


      Error below, any help is much appreciated



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          can you please provide us the PollingMethod for this node from APM_HardwareInfo table?


          You can use SQL query like:

          SELECT * FROM APM_HardwareInfo where NodeID = 123

          - Instead of 123 type NodeID for this particular node.



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              Sure not sure what else this can tell you though...


              34191Cisco Systems IncUCSB-B200-M32014-11-20 18:02:45.2931Disk (Unknown): DiskDrive 4:0 (Unknown), DiskDrive 4:1 (Unknown)CPU (Up): CPU1 (Up), CPU2 (Up)  Disk (Unknown): DiskDrive 4:0 (Unknown), DiskDrive 4:1 (Unknown)  Memory (Up): System Memory (Up)  Other (Up): Memory Module 0 DDR3_P1_A0_ECC (Up), Memory Module 12 DDR3_P2_E0_ECC (Up), Memory Module 15 DDR3_P2_F0_ECC (Up), Memory Module 18 DDR3_P2_G0_ECC (Up), Memory Module 21 DDR3_P2_H0_ECC (Up), Memory Module 3 DDR3_P1_B0_ECC (Up), Memory Module 6 DDR3_P1_C0_ECC (Up), Memory Module 9 DDR3_P1_D0_ECC (Up), System Board 0 SEL_FULLNESS (Up)  Power Supply (Up): Processor 1 P0V75_DDR3VTT_AB (Up), Processor 1 P0V75_DDR3VTT_CD (Up), Processor 1 P0V9_PVSA_P1 (Up), Processor 1 P1V05_VTT_P1 (Up), Processor 1 P1V1_VCCP_P1 (Up), Processor 1 P1V5_VCCD_AB (Up), Processor 1 P1V5_VCCD_CD (Up), Processor 1 P1V8_PLL_P1 (Up), Processor 1 PVSA_P1_CUR_SENS (Up), Processor 1 VCCD_AB_CUR_SENS (Up), Processor 1 VCCD_CD_CUR_SENS (Up), Processor 1 VCCP_P1_CUR_SENS (Up), Processor 2 P0V75_DDR3VTT_EF (Up), Processor 2 P0V75_DDR3VTT_GH (Up), Processor 2 P0V9_PVSA_P2 (Up), Processor 2 P1V05_VTT_P2 (Up), Processor 2 P1V1_VCCP_P2 (Up), Processor 2 P1V5_VCCD_EF (Up), Processor 2 P1V5_VCCD_GH (Up), Processor 2 P1V8_PLL_P2 (Up), Processor 2 PVSA_P2_CUR_SENS (Up), Processor 2 VCCD_EF_CUR_SENS (Up), Processor 2 VCCD_GH_CUR_SENS (Up), Processor 2 VCCP_P2_CUR_SENS (Up), System Board 0 P0V75_STBY (Up), System Board 0 P12V (Up), System Board 0 P12V_CUR_SENS (Up), System Board 0 P1V0_SAS (Up), System Board 0 P1V0_STBY (Up), System Board 0 P1V1_SSB (Up), System Board 0 P1V1_SSB_STBY (Up), System Board 0 P1V5_SSB (Up), System Board 0 P1V5_STBY (Up), System Board 0 P1V8_SAS (Up), System Board 0 P1V8_STBY (Up), System Board 0 P3V_BAT_SCALED (Up), System Board 0 P3V3 (Up), System Board 0 P3V3_STBY (Up), System Board 0 P5V (Up), System Board 0 P5V_STBY (Up), System Board 0 POWER_USAGE (Up)  Temperature (Up): Memory Module 0 DDR3_P1_A0_TMP (Up), Memory Module 12 DDR3_P2_E0_TMP (Up), Memory Module 15 DDR3_P2_F0_TMP (Up), Memory Module 18 DDR3_P2_G0_TMP (Up), Memory Module 21 DDR3_P2_H0_TMP (Up), Memory Module 3 DDR3_P1_B0_TMP (Up), Memory Module 6 DDR3_P1_C0_TMP (Up), Memory Module 9 DDR3_P1_D0_TMP (Up), Processor 1 P1_TEMP_SENS (Up), Processor 2 P2_TEMP_SENS (Up), System Board 0 TEMP_SENS_FRONT (Up), System Board 0 TEMP_SENS_REAR (Up)0NULLNULLNULL
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              Click the Node, you would see the summary of the node.


              Current hardware health and you would see Manage senors on the top.


              Click manage censors and new window will open.


              ON the search tab, search for diskdrive and you will find out the drives and disable them from monitoring.