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    SNMPv3 and Cisco IOS upgrade


      I have been using SNMPv3 for monitoring my Cisco ISRG2 routers for a few years now and has worked great except the last 2 IOS upgrades.


      Once we upgrade the IOS on the router I'm unable to gather stat's in NPM or NCM from the router until I re-apply the SNMPv3 user commands on the router.


      INFO on this Upgrade:

      IOS versions 15.2.4-M6a to 15.2.4-M7

      Router platforms: ISRG2 1941, 2911, 3945

      IOS Command: snmp-server user solarwinds NPM v3 auth md5 XXXXXX priv aes 128 XXXXXX


      Looking to see if anybody else has run into this and any info on a resolution, a real pain in the butt re-applying the commands on over 200 routers.


      Thanks Tom