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    Orion Default MIBS


      How Does Solarwinds Orion know what MIBs to pull automatically for the devices I add Like a cisco Router?  I want to monitor my CE routers  but my ISP wants me to give them the specific MIB names. Im trying to do this for the following cisco Routers



      Cisco 1921

      Cisco 2921

      Cisco 3925 /45

      Cisco ASR1002

      • Hardware Health Sensors
      • Routing

        • Routing table
        • EIGRP neighbors
      • Status & Response Time

        • ICMP (Ping) - Fastest
        • SNMP
      • CPU & Memory
      • Topology: Layer 3
      • Topology: Layer 2

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          If you peruse through the 'Pollers' section of the KB, most of your answers should be in there.





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            Steven Klassen

            When you add a device to NPM using the API you're also responsible for adding the correct pollers. Most of the time this is done by letting SolarWinds do a discovery and then using whatever pollers it comes up with but sometimes you need to do it by hand. Long story short, that might be the best way for you to figure out what MIBs you're monitoring.


            1. Download and install the SDK (information here / actual download here).
            2. Make sure you have a few of the devices you're looking for in your inventory.
            3. Run the following SWQL query either by using the SWQL Studio included in the SDK download or by creating a web report.
              1. SELECT p.PollerID, p.NetObject, p.NetObjectID, p.NetObjectType, p.PollerType FROM Orion.Pollers p WHERE p.NetObjectType = 'N' and p.NetObjectID = 128.
              2. Replace 128 with the Node ID of your device.
            4. Compare the results with pg 42 of the documentation in the SDK folder (Orion SDK.pdf) called Available Poller Types.


            For example, one of the pollers on this Cisco is N.Cpu.SNMP.CiscoGen3 which the documentation tells me maps to the CISCO-PROCESS-MIB.





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              The mibs being used are a mixture of standard MIB-2 mibs and cisco specific.  While the KB article is helpful, you can also use the PollerChecker.exe tool on the Orion server.  This will give you the pollers used for the device (they'll show in green) as well as the name of the MIB.  You should be able to provide this information to your ISP.  Another option would be to run WireShark on your server and filter it to one of the devices along with a filter for udp port 161 and after about 15 minutes you'll have every MIB polled for one of your Cisco devices.  For the most part if the device is Cisco, SolarWinds will use the same MIBs regardless of model, I think Nexus is the exception there.