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    Is there a way to update a node property sheet changing the engineid


      I have up to 1 to 500 devices added per day and I need to change pollers after so many devices added before I add the interfaces so I don't overload the pollers

      I can retrieve the information and engineid fine but now I need to update the property sheet.  I am running with 22 pollers.


      $sourceNodes = Get-SwisData $swis "SELECT Uri, IPAddress, MachineType, Caption, NodeID FROM Orion.Nodes where IPAddress = '$ip'"

        foreach ($sourceNode in $sourceNodes)


        $targetNodeUri = Get-SwisData $swis "SELECT Uri FROM Orion.Nodes WHERE IPAddress=@ip" @{ ip = $sourceNode.IPAddress }

        $ip = $sourceNode.IPAddress

        $nodeId = $sourceNode.NodeId



        $existNodeProps = Get-SwisObject $swis $targetNodeUri

        $m1 = $existNodeProps.Get_Item("MachineType")