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    4.0.3 Retention Issue with FSDb


      I know 4.1.0RC is now released, but hitting an issue with 4.0.3 where one of the advised issues was resolved.

      NTA 4.0 Service Release 3 
      "NTA Service or NTA Flow Storage Service occupy high amount of memory for long retention periods and/or high amount of stored flows"


      I'm seeing that although my retention is set for 35 days, yet when dynamically querying the FSDb from GUI, it reports 62days / 98.5GB for the FSDb.



      Anyone else seen a repeat of this - or is this a slight difference in interpretation of resolved issues mebway / cobrien?

      I've created Case #716319 - "FSDb retention period different to that configured." just incase it's something else causing it or does 4.1.0 definitely tick that box?