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    UnDP Transform - Publishing problems

    Anthony Ussery

      Good afternoon,


      I recently set up a few UnDP's to monitor load on a PDU.

      I've got a poller for bank 1, one for bank 2, and one for bank 3.

      Then I've got a transformation that adds all three of those together to show the total load.  I'm trying to publish that as a chart to the Node Details page, but for some reason every single PDU I've done it to just has a chart flatlined at 1 amp.  I think it may be rounded up from 0.6, which is what every one of those pollers returns when I test it.


      What am I doing wrong here?

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          I'm trying to find a solution to this same issue.

          I have UnDP pollers retrieving Amp loads on our PDU's, the data is then transformed by multiplying by 0.1, because the polled value is in tenths. The new value contains a decimal value, polled value 58, transformed value 5.8 however in the UnDP summary charts the values are rounded to the nearest whole number. I've verified that the transformed value is correct within the poller results window, its only in the chart where the value has been rounded.