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    Related map for equipment


      Is there any possibility to add a list of cards on which there is a node on the information page of the node?

      With something like a resource "all maps", but with the filter on the current node.

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          I'm not sure exactly what you mean but there's a resource called Custom List of All Maps. It comes with an edit button that allows you to select which maps you wish to see in the list.

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              Not quite what I need - so we can get a static set of maps.

              In this case interesting this solution:

              For example we have 2 cards. On one, placed routers on the city map. Suppose it is called "the city." On the second - the location of the equipment on the floor plan. She we will be called "building".

              We have 2 devices: Router and disk shelf.

              The router is placed on the map "city" and "building", and the shelf only on a "building"

              Interested in the question - is it possible to add on a page of node  information the resource that displays links to only those maps where this is necessary is applied.

              That is for the router it would map the "city" and "building", and for the shelves only "building".


              Perhaps not quite correctly describe, sorry - English is not my native language.

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                  If that router linecard has a OID that you can use  for universal device poller (like line card status OK=O not Ikke =1)

                  Den you can put the UVDP   in the "building" map and use Custom Poller Thresholds to generate map color change.


                  Hope that what you looking for...

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