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    Interface Names in Orion ...  Need some help...


      Is there a way to stop the interface naming behavior in SolarWinds Orion..   Renaming interfaces in Orion is a huge (Incredibly HUGE) effort and a major waste of time. But without renaming interfaces reports and interface list do not display correctly.


      Today Orion concatenates two different names together (WHY this is done is a mystery)  and the resulting interface name is HORRIBLE.  Even when the name is manually edited there is no guarantee that Orion will not rename the interface on the next discovery.  See the image below.

      Those interfaces have actually been edited twice.  But they keep reverting back to the default naming behavior.  It looks like the name is a combination of  System name + Interface name or something...  I have hundreds of switches to add and the more I add the the more confusing my list, reports and displays get.  The only part of the interface name we want is the yellow highlighted section. 


      Check the next image below.....  Notice the interface alias  This is exactly how we want the interfaces to display yest there are no resources available in Orion that will use the interface alias.   Is there a way to replace the  Name  with  interface alias  or create a whole new resource that will use the interface alias?