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    FoE Installation


      We have just purchased solarwinds software inclding NPM, NCM, NTA, VoIP and FoE. We just start to do the software installation. I would like to know if I should install all the modules and configuration in the primary server before installing the FoE ? Or just install the software in primary server and then FoE. Will the configuration such as adding network devices can be later on sync-up via FoE?


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          You will have to install of of your modules on each servers first.  Make sure the servers and their modules are both exactly the same.  Then you will install the FoE on the primary server and secondary server consecutively. After that, you will be able to populate the secondary server with nodes and credentials of the primary.  It is a very tedious and lengthy process from what I remember experiencing.

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              Not exactly. For first time configuration and setup you only need to install all your products and modules onto the first server and configure them however you like. Then, whenever you're ready to install FoE, install it onto your existing Orion server first. The installation process will create a backup of that server. Next, install FoE onto a clean server running the same OS version. The installation onto the secondary server will ask you for the backup that was created on the primary server. That will clone the host at that point and no additional installation or configuration should be required.