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    WHD and gmail


      We are a Google Apps for Education district, which means we use gmail, Google Drive (Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc), Google Calendar, etc


      To introduce a help desk ticketing system, we wanted to ease our staff into it, so we have staff email any issues to our WHD. Staff do not log in, they only email issues to our help desk.


      So when we assign a tech to an issue, or resolve a ticket, the client (staff member) gets an email to their gmail account letting them know the status has changed (assigned to a tech, or resolved by the tech).


      The email sent to their gmail looks awful. Add to that, if the tech includes a video tutorial, it isn't included in the message.


      OTOH, if we use the built in Mail.app on our Macs, the messages look good and pretty.


      Is there anyway of fixing it, so that the messages look good when viewed in the browser?