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    Any way to adjust Alert Central Object links to point to a URL not a server?


      When using Alert Central, we are publishing it out to users in our corporate environment that don't have access to the back end servers. We have the SAM additional web servers published out to them as well so they can access SAM and Alert Central through the web interfaces. When SAM sends an alert to Alert Central and a user clicks on the object, it links back to the SAM server not the published web interface so the users have to manually alter the link. Ie. the link says https://server1/Orion/View.aspx?NetObject=AM:xxxxx which is not accessible to regular users, for the user to view the object, they need to go to https://sitename1/Orion/View.aspx?NetObject=AM:xxxxx


      Is there any way to alter the object information in Alert Central?