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    Use swisinvoke.exe to set a custom property on a node


      Does anyone have an sample of using swisinvoke.exe to set a custom property on a node? I've tried several combinations of possibilities, but nothing seems to be working.


      Here's my example:

      I have a node with node ID 194

      I have a custom property named Ticket

      I would like to set the value for Ticket to 12345 for node 194


      swisinvoke.exe /u=myusername /p=sercretpassword Orion.NodesCustomProperties.ModifyCustomProperty N:194 Ticket:12345

      Output says:

      Verb Orion.NodesCustomProperties.ModifyCustomProerty requires 4 parameters not 2


      I'm not sure were to find the documentation on what the other parameter would be. C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion SDK\Schema\3.0\Orion.NodesCustomProperties.html doesn't say, neither does swisinvoke.exe /?, but that does mention an XML file, but I don't know how that should look either. Orion DSK.pdf has only a couple of examples for swisinvoke.exe


      I think seeing an example would help quite a bit. I could edit the database directly, but I would prefer to do it this way in the hopes that it will also log the change time and username.