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    Downgrading LEM appliance to syslog only server??


      When we first installed the LEM and configured it to receive data, we found it was locking up intermittently.  We contacted support and they recommended we install 2 (maybe 3) servers total.  One would be the full LEM appliance and the others would act as syslog only servers to receive events/logs from all devices.  The primary LEM would receive the data from the other syslog only LEM servers.  We have 3 servers now loaded with the LEM software (VMs) and the primary LEM has the activation code applied.  It's ready to go begin configuration.  Now, I need to know how to downgrade the other 2 LEMs to act as syslog only servers, so I can begin the process of establishing them as points to collect event and syslog data.  I also need to know how to add them within the admin console of the primary LEM, if this is possible.  If not possible, then how are they managed, since they aren't fully licensed LEM appliances?