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    Asset Inventory and PO


      Another feature request. Let me know the appropriate place to post this if this isn't the place.


      When adding new assets, the process seems 'convoluted'. Need to add a new PO. Then add the Asset. Then go back to the PO and add Line Items???


      You would think the PO would "tie into" the Asset Tag of the Asset for Line Items. WHy when entering Line Items in the PO, do you need to re-enter a Model and Asset Type? Seems to be begging for mistakes.


      Ideally, you should be able to enter the PO information (when ordering the Asset). Then when the Asset(s) arrive, create the Asset and entering the PO# in the Asset Details, and that should automatically create the line item. There should be no need to visit the PO tab and re-enter Assets that have already been entered into the Asset database.


      What am I missing here?