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    Insert Custom Poller Table data into Advanced Alert Trigger E-Mail


      I'm trying to figure out if this is even possible:


      I have a Custom Poller monitoring the disk drive status in a Dell Server (using OID  The Custom Poller is returning the data in an enumerated table, one row for each disk in the server.  I have an Advanced Alert setup to monitor that OID and alert me if the value is not equal to 3 (Online).


      Is there a way to have the Advanced Alert either:

      1) Return to me which row (including label and status) in the Custom Poller enumerated table caused the alert in the body of the Alert Message?


      2) Return the results of the entire table in the body of the Alert Message?


      I don't really want to create a custom alert for each OID sub-item, since I have some servers that have 21 disks in them.  Currently, I can only have the Advanced Alert tell me that the OID is not equal to 3 (Online).  I'm wanting to know which sub-item caused the OID to not be equal to 3.