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    Orion.Nodes add common resources


      I'm trying to use the SDK to update all my window nodes to monitor some common resources like Virtual memory.

      In the GUI I click on the node --> List Resources --> Volume Utilization --> Virtual Memory.

      In SWQL I can't seem to find how orion.nodes relate this information to the node. Any insight or code samples would be awesome.

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          We sure can discover resources via SDK. But what polling method are you using? SNMP or WMI?


          Also, discovering resources will discover all resources for a node and not in particular like 'Virtual Memory' via SDK.


          Please let me know if you need more details.

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              Lets see if responding to such an old question will work.


              I am looking to use the SDK to configure resource monitoring for both SNMPv3 and WMI node types. With the latest product versions I can figure out interface monitoring using the Orion.NPM.Interfaces DiscoverInterfacesOnNode and AddInterfacesOnNode verbs. Looking through the SDK I cannot figure out how to discover WMI resources like memory/cpu, volumes, network interfaces, etc. I am also unsure if the DiscoverInterfaceOnNode will catch the memory/cpu monitoring of a SNMPv3 node.