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      Hello VM users and product peeps -



      So we are doing a 30 day demo of the tool - and so far so good -


      I am trying to run a report for my director and not sure if it can do it or not -


      So we name our servers


      BU-PRD-SERVER TYPE ( BU-PRD-WEB01) for example my solarwinds servers are CRP-PRD-SW01 , CRP-PRD-SW02 , 03 , 04



      My Director wants a report that shows the total amount of storage per BU and the percentage of whats being used per BU



      Any thoughts - point me in the right direction



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          Hi Steve,


          if I understood well then I hope these steps would help you create a new trend that shows total amount of storage per BU:


          1) choose a set of VMs you want to include in the trend, i.e. "*" and press "Trend Results" button


          2) set Scope, Criteria and Segmentation as follows:
               Scope: no change
               Criteria: Attribute = "/virtualMachine/totalStorageSize"

               Segmentation: "substring(/virtualMachine/name, 1, 3)"  (instead of VM name it's also possible to use Custom Labels, vm.folder or any other attribute)


          After that you should see something like this:


          You can also export data into XLS via "Save Report" button in "Business Views" module.


          The "percentage of whats being used per BU" is quite difficult to implement.


          Please let me know if it helps you create sufficient reports.