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    McAfee- LEM


      Hi All,

      I have a McAfee Network Security Platform M-1450 and I configured the target syslog server as my LEM according to the article below but I do not receive any logs from McAfee in the LEM.


      I did a test connection from McAfee to LEM, LEM manage to receive the test syslog message. 

      I did another test by sending the logs from McAfee to NPM and from NPM forward to LEM. LEM manage to receive the logs too.

      Anybody can advise on this? Thank you.



      Version of LEM : 6.0

                       McAfee Network Security Manager:

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          Don't edit that SyslogAlertForwarder format string. check whether NPM node is detecting automatically here in LEM or not. also test with cli "checklogs" tat logs are coming in LEM.

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              Hi, I never edit the format string. LEM do not automatically detect the NPM. Under the checklogs, I do not see any log if i connected directly from McAfee to LEM. I see the log in checklogs if it is forward from Mcafee to NPM to LEM.