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    Enabling Netflow on a Nexus 6001 port-channel interface.


      Hello folks.


      I'm having trouble applying netflow to the individual port-channel interfaces on our Nexus 6001. Whenever I try to apply "ip flow monitor _____ input" I get an error that it doesn't recognize "flow" as a command after "ip".


      I expected it to be different than the setup on our 4500x, as it's NX-OS, but I'm not really sure why it allowed me to enable the feature and setup the exporter and all that, but won't let me apply it to the interfaces.



      Any pointers would be appreciated. Let me know if more information is needed.

        • Re: Enabling Netflow on a Nexus 6001 port-channel interface.

          I've never worked with a Nexus 6K, but a couple of things I'd check:


          1) If it's a L2 port channel, it will only support an L2 flow config. It will be something like "layer2-switched monitor ....". If it's a L3 port channel, you should be able to configure a L3 flow monitor.

          2) Make sure you're running recent code that has full NetFlow support. NetFlow support on Nexus platforms has historically been all over the map.