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    Large number of tranmit discards 223k


      In the NPM summary I have a device (cisco 3750) that has a tremendous number of packet discards. 223k   The interface shows no errors on CLI.  Happen every early morning when DB is moved to DR location.


      What am I missing?  How do I correct?

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          We had a similar issue on one of our Cat6500s.  Data was coming into the chassis via 10G fiber.  The 100Mb connection to a remote site was showing a very high number of output drops. 

          Our suspicion was that the output buffers of the 100Mb line card were being overrun.  Changing out the 10/100Mb linecard for a 1000/100/10Mb linecard made a HUGE difference even though the link stayed at 100Mb.  The customers even remarked how much better everything seemed: they thought we increased their bandwidth.

          Since your issue sounds like it happens when large amounts of data are being transferred it could be from a similar root cause.

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