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    Check Point configuration


      I have setup LEM to pull logs from our Check Point firewall.  How do I verify that everything is being logged?  (Allowed traffic, dropped, etc.)  I see a lot of traffic, but when I do a search I do not see any ICMP traffic when I was testing pinging from my computer to a server on the Internet.



      Thank you in advance.

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          nicole pauls

          In CheckPoint's management center, you can set certain ACLs to the 'log' target. I think out of the box some level of info is logged, then you can specify each ACL to log if you want that in addition. I'm not 100% confident how - in other devices denied traffic is logged by default, but I can't remember if that's the case with Checkpoint.


          You should also be seeing authentication/change activity (someone logging in to the management center, installing policies, etc).