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    SWIS delete of AlertStatus record does not remove state from Orion Alertmanager process .. it simply rewrites the record and doesn't trigger :(


      So, I'm working on a secondary level of integration with out ticketing solution RemedyForce.


      The use case is simple ....


      1. Node goes down .. this triggers an AdvancedAlert that will generate an open Incident request to RemedyForce. The result is I get a ticket id and I even have SWIS code that goes back into the associated AlertStatus record and puts this data in the Notes field.
      2. Then if someone goes into the ticketing system and closes the Incident ticket ... under the assumption that the system is back up. The RemedyForce Streaming API picks that up and takes record key info out of the Incident and using SWIS deletes the corresponding AlertStatus record using SWIS.  In theory this should delete all knowledge of the triggered state of this event ...


      Well in fact that appears to not be true. The alert system simply turns around and rewrites out the AlertStatus record that was deleted .. and worse doesn't reactivate any of the Trigger logic in my original rule.


      So the strategy of deleting the record to remove the state .. I suspect has failed.


      That leaves me with some rather drastic options that I'd rather avoid.


      My question is for the Orion Alerting system developers .. is there a proper way to signal explicitly that the AlertStatus state for a given AlertDefID, ActiveObject and ObjectType can be cleared from memory so that this record can be safely deleted?  Or is there a way to simply send this signal explicitly and leave the record deletion to the apparent owner of this table .. that being the alerting system?


      Thanks in advance,