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    IPAM User Limitations


      My boss wants to be able to set a group of users to be able to manage a DNS server, but only that DNS server.  I'm familiar with account limitations in Solarwinds, but cannot seem to limit a user or group to just one server.


      My question now is if this is even possible?  I know I can restrict power user access in IPAM, but once I begin to limit this, the users can no longer edit anything DNS related.  They can still view and edit the other areas such as IP reservations, but no longer have access to DHCP or DNS management.  This only seems to happen when I've given them power user access to just the subnets they need.  If I give them full power user access in IPAM, they can then have control of and edit DHCP and DNS as needed, but we don't need them to be able to edit all of the DNS servers.


      Any information on this is greatly appreciated.