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    I have Problem in Activating NMP License


      Recently we have renewed our Solarwind license (for one year) after receiving email from solarwinds maintenance team , Our current license is still valid and it  will expired on the middle of November 2014.


      Now the question is how we can use the new activation key that we have received recently to activate the current license  ??? is this activation will affect our SQL data base ?? it will ask for restart the server ??? are we gonna lose our devices and maps after finishing the activation process???


      It’s worth mentioning that we are using Orion NPM v10 SL 500 and the new license that we recived activation key for Orion NPM v11.0.1  SL500


      Appreciate your support in answering above questions  .



      Update : I tried to activate the license through License manager, but unfortunately activation bottom or link that should be found in the next filed is not shown.