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    Monitor Nortel CS1000E with NPM


      I know that this question had been asked already, but because none of the posts described the problem in detail, and furthermore there was no answer on any of them and I am new to Orion I am opening new discussion/question .


      Namely, I read that the Nortel CS1000E can be monitored with the VNQM v4.2 (https://thwack.solarwinds.com/ideas/1250), but can all VoIP and Network related parameters be monitored with the NPM?

      The interesting thing is that it is added in the monitored devices and some info is being polled from the PBX, but when I go to create UnDP and browse for "Nortel" i get the OID: And there are a lot sub-OIDs for Nortel, but none of them can pass the test. I get either "the OID is not supported" or "a value was not returned". To be more interesting in the web console the host detailed view the info that is presented has field "SysObjectID" with value "", and in the creation of UnDP, if I go to the tree to that particular OID and click test I get "a value was not returned" and it is OK because there are still branches that can be opened, but no matter which OID I select I always get "a value was not returned".


      Can someone explain this to me?

      Am I doing something wrong or am I missing something...