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    How can I analyze each node in my database and modify its template individually using Powershell?


      Hi everyone, here's the background on my question:


      My company uses SAM to analyze a large number of nodes, and each of those has specific "needs". The problem is that, when each node was created, a default template was applied to each and every node, not taking into account each node's services. Now when we look at reports of a specific node, several errors surface because not every node is running the same services to be analyzed. For example, if a node is currently running 10 different services and the template is made for 30 services, 20 services are reporting errors because they are not there.


      My question is if this can be corrected by running a Powershell script (using Orion SDK and Swis) that analyzes every single node (one by one), detects which services are currently running on that node, and then modify the template that was applied to accomodate only the services the node is running, so that the SAM report does not show any errors for missing services.


      If my question is not very clear, I'd be happy to explain, just ask.


      Also, if there is a cleaner and easier solution, I'm all ears!