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    Ciena CN-4200 monitoring


      I have recently been involved in the installation of NPM to monitor a large Cisco network which has a small number of other devices, notably some Ciena CN-4200 WDM systems.  Out-of-the-box NPM monitoring of these systems is very basic and I would like to gather much more information about the devices, I guess by configuring universal device pollers.  Has anybody already done something similar with this kind of equipment?  A quick search on Thwack doesn't unfortunately turn up much for Ciena kit, never mind the 4200 system!  Thanks.

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          did you try nortel optera?or something wdm

          we had long ago optera 5200 very nice box.


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            I am having the same issue I do know that CIENA 4200 has it's own MIBs. I am trying to get hold of the MIBs to see if they can be imported and I can write my own polers. If you or anyone has access to the 4200 Downloads from Ciena they just have to submit the MIB's to Solarwinds to have them put into their Database.

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              With [D]WDM systems the data path might not be measurable; e.g. if you have multiple 10Gbps grey light from edge devices coming in these are then converted into colored light before being optically multiplexed onto a single piece of glass, and at no point did you actually have an Ethernet frame.


              You're more likely to get something useful form traps from these types of devices (we have Cisco ONS and Infinera WDM devices)