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    WHD initial set up- Problems with clients logging tickets via portal when the AD account has no first name




      Am hoping someone else has come up against this & can provide some ideas as it seems to otherwise be a bit of a hole. We have not yet gone live, I am currently setting up for first use.

      Our Client accounts are mapped to our Active Directory accounts, many of which have no first name set up (we are a retail organisation & so just the shop name is used as their account name) which is causing an issue with the ability to log calls via the client portal.

      Initially there was the log in issue but I found you can set WHD to have the email address as the login credential so that was OK. So I could now log into the portal as the user...

      Then I found that when you try to raise a ticket in the client portal, First Name is a mandatory field so you can't do so until you have filled in that field  on the Profile tab. FiIling in the field seems to create various issues - either it will be overwritten when my AD sync kicks in, or create a duplicate user or even make the user inactive since it doesn't match anyone in AD....!

      I have found in the LDAP options there is a Full Name field to which you can map whatever you like but this does not stop the portal prompting for a First Name when raising a ticket so I don't understand how that could ever work...?

      Any thoughts on this are welcome!