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    Sending a message from linux to NPM



      Do you know how configure a linux server to send a message to NPM (Syslog) ?


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          Assuming that you already have your linux system configured to syslog to your NPM server, you can use the command line "logger" to send anything you want into syslog from a script.


          What you would do is write a script on the linux box that looks like this:


          • #!/bin/bash
          • logger This is a message from a linux system


          Here's the man page for logger: logger(1) - Linux manual page There are more options for logger.


          Then on the NPM server, you can check if "This is a message from a linux system" appears in your syslog area.


          If it doesn't appear there, then you may need to configure /etc/syslog.conf or /etc/rsyslog.conf to correctly send to your NPM server.  Remember that syslog needs restarting on the linux box when you edit the config file.