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    QoE Server Sensor Deployment Error


      Hello All,


      I've recently been trying to install the Server Sensor agent on some Windows servers that are behind a firewall.  I allowed port 135 from the NPM server to these nodes and allowed port 17778 from these nodes to the NPM server (as listed in the admin guide).  When I first tried to deploy the agent, everything seemed to go well; the nodes were added to the list of sensors and they showed a status of Agent being installed (I don't remember the exact wording).  After a while, instead of the agent installation completing, the status showed an error that the installation failed and these nodes wouldn't be monitored.


      I then deleted the nodes from sensor list and had the agent uninstalled from the servers themselves so that I could start the deployment over again.  At this point all I have been getting the following error when I click on the Add Nodes button (after the credentials have been successfully tested):


      I wasn't able to find this error in the SolarWinds knowledge base, so I'm hoping someone here has some insight as to what is going wrong with my deployment.



      Thanks very much.

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          I asked a system admin to setup a test server similar to those I was having trouble with and was able to install the agent to it; so I knew at that point that the issue was with the original servers.


          I got the system admin to look at the server more closely to see if there were any portions of the agent (registry keys, files, etc) and there were some pieces.  Once they were removed I was able to deploy the agent successfully.