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    How To Reset Patch Manager


      We've been learning (i.e. playing) on a first time install of Patch Manager and have created odd computer/patch groups, deleted update packages, so on and so on.  Aside from a wipe and reload, what is the best way to reset the software and database to their initial settings and design.  Re-run the install package?  Will that wipe / recreate the database (separate SQL server) as well as restore the interface to original, factory content?

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          Lawrence Garvin

          Truly it depends on the extent of your playing.

          Groups can easily be deleted.

          Third-Party Update Packages can simply be re-synchronized.

          Microsoft-published packages that have been deleted are gone; that would require either re-importing the packages from the Microsoft Catalog or reinstalling the WSUS server.


          No doubt, though, the *easiest* way to 'reset to factory condition' is to uninstall and reinstall.