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    How to generate a latency report in Storage Manager?


      I was looking for your demo Storage Manager but I could not find how to get a latency report for the storage devices. Is there a way to pull this report?

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          There are a number of ways to do this depending on the type of latency that you want, for what arrays or LUNs, and for what timeframe.

          One example I can give from the demo is for a Specific LUN Group (which is a logical breakdown grouping that you define based on application, geography, customer, or whatever).

          Start at the landing page on the demo environment (http://storage.demo.solarwinds.com/), and click Login.

          On the Left bar, expand the "LUN Groups" heading and select "SQL LUNs."

          Go to the second tab on the SQL LUNs Console (Performance).

          Select one of the latency types from the chart drop-down.  (I'm choosing 'Latency (Write)' )

          Optionally, filter further with the Array - LUN or the time range.  (I'm leaving as default).

          Click on the "Create Report" button.

          Finally, click "Run Report."

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