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    NET-SNMP checkpoint firewall


      I hope someone can help me sign of a problem I have been investigation in the reporting of interfaces on checkpoint....


      Basically it is showing L2 + L3 interfaces and since I used to automated connections in the mapping tool. I got what looked like two connection coming from eth0 which is obviously 1 physical interface. Is this by design? Why would I want to show a connection in this way on a map? (Interested in views as I only deal in physical connections when mapping the network.).


      Is it correct to say that the L3 interface points to the SVI stored in the core of my network and the eth0 is merely identifying the SVI as a connection. Once again I am questioning the validity of this?


      Have I identified a bug as I also note that whilst NPM is also showing this connection it does not know the interface and marks it as unknown...


      Picture attached





      I have lost almost 4 hrs travelling and researching this would really like someone to clarifiy the position on this and help guide me on the assumptions I have came to researching it



      many thanks!