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    Problems resuming uploads when failed or stopped


      Hello to all of you,


      I have used FTP Voyger for some time now and have been unable to resolve the following problem.


      If an upload is interrupted, stopped or for whatever reason fails to fully upload, I am unable to simply restart the upload and my solution is to either rename the failed upload alerting the person at the other end that it has failed and start anew or take the files and upload them on a colleagues computer which has Filezilla installed (on a Macbook Pro) which can resume the upload no problems. I use a Toshiba Satellite A-660 with an i7 processor


      If I just re-drop the upload or resume it, the remaining files do not send and I have to use the above solutions.


      If anyone on these forums knows a solution to this current situation, I would love to hear it!


      Best Ian Stewart