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    Connecting to Windows XP virtual machine within Windows 7


      I am using the current release of DameWare MRC to connect to a Windows XP VM within Windows 7. Trying to connect to the machine using IP or Host Name gives me the same result. It allows connectivity to the VM, however I get a WIndows XP locked screen. I have to do a C+A+D command and log in, even though I'm using the same credentials to log in as the credentials on the local machine.


      I am sitting next to the machine that I'm testing. Windows XP is brought up in full screen mode and not currently locked. If I log into Windows XP VM I get a locked screen on the DameWare client. I can unlock the screen using my credentials, but when I do that, it changes the screen on the VM to a locked screen. When I log off of DameWare, the computer then remains at a locked screen. This computer is used for testing and I do not want the screen to go into a locked state. Is there anyway around this?


      Logging into the Windows 7 machine works as intended, I'm able to log in, access the machine directly and log out without getting a screen lock. Does anyone know a work around to keep the VM from locking when using the DameWare client to access the machine?


      Thank you,

      Jason Skwarek