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    How to deploy Microsoft Hotfixes - Rules and what package to deploy?


      Is there an easy way to deploy Microsoft Hotfixes (my example: KB2550978) with Patchmanager?


      Hotfixes doesn't exist in WSUS so I have to create a custom package on every hotfix (like described under Specific Instructions for Deploying Microsoft Hotfix?, here Re: New Microsoft Standalone Package in Windows 7/2008 - when will there be support? and here Windows Hotfix .msu

      At the last one Lawrence described how to use dism for that.



      - Use with the dism-Command Line: Which Executable should be that one to deploy as "package"?

      - on all solutions I have to define the correct rule sets:

           * at my example: Prerequisite Rule --> Windows version equal to 6.1.7601 Server (applicable only to Server 2008 R2 with SP1)

           * How I could determine using a rule if a Hotfix is already installed or not?