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    Map Object Icons problems in the Orion Web Console




      I have a big problem with the Map Objects Icons that I create in the Network Atlas Software. Any Map Object Icon (default or custom) that I create , it shows in the Network Atlas but it doesnt in the Orion Web Console. I did everything, since look for the folders when the images are located and all the steps for example; I did the "Changing the Appearance of Map Objects" help guide, "Adding Custom Icons from Graphics Files" help guide, "Adding Map Objects" help guide, "Pasting Custom Icons from the Windows Clipboard" help guide,I didnt find anything in the forum. The weird part is that I all the background images that I load in the Orion Network Atlas, it appears in the Orion Web Console, but that not happen with the Map Object Icons. I am attaching a example of that, it only appears a gray point in the Orion Web Console, instead the real icon.