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    Oops! This Page Doesn't Exist! - on SW site


      Hi guys,

      I’ve just installed the latest Alert Central & am now configuring the appliance.

      On the Getting Started with Alert Central, Unable to Connect to SolarWinds page I clicked the What information does Alert Central send to SolarWinds link but received the following.


      Oops! This Page Doesn't Exist!

      We're sorry. You have come across a page that does not exist or has been moved. We hope you’ll take this opportunity to explore other pages on our site that are listed below. Return to home page »

      Instance Error Identifier: 20141021_835ab2a5-f718-4a18-b4dd-6384809cb0a2

      I was going to raise a ticket until I remembered that they're not valid for AlertCentral

      Either way it looks like you have a dropped link on the main SW site.