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    [HELP - Error] Monitoring user


      In step 3 of 5: Enter the monitoring user


      Specify an Administrative user on the monitored instance that DPA will use for monitoring. This user does not have to be the user specified on the previous page.



      It is recommended that a domain account be created specifically for monitoring.          


      i have the repository user: remote1\administrator

      and can't enter the monitoring user. What can i enter the monitoring user not be the same the repository user???


      Please help me?

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          Hi hatm3,


          I'm not sure what you're asking.  Are you asking why you are asked to specify 2 users, one in step 2 and another in step 3?  The answer is that the user specified in step 2 needs to have permission to create a database.  The user in step 3 just needs to connect to the database that was created.