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    Display of Nodes DOWN only


      A few years ago, we used a product called PINGER that would poll our network gear and put up a line of Node identification if that node was Down.  A blank screen means all is GOOD.  It would be great if the page could use the dependency function and only display the highest level node that is down. This kind of display would be good for our Help Desk and even the Networking team to get a heads up on issues (along with standard email notifications).  Maybe even flashing lines/alarms until acknowledged?  I know that the data is there - how do I create the Application/page?

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          Jan Pelousek

          Hello, you have more options here.

          If you have set the dependencies and the parent goes down, the children will go to unreachable state, so you can filter only to down status:

          1. Use the filtering abilities of the web resources (click on Edit) and set the condition to Status=2

          - Filter.png

          2. Use the View limitation (Customize page) and set similar condition here

          3. Use the custom query resource with query like "select caption, ipaddress from orion.nodes where status=2" (after some tuning you can get here also icons, tooltips and links to node details)

          Maybe also others