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    audible alerts


      My customer has given me a requirement to play a sound when a device goes down.  The SolarWinds server is in a server room that is not normally manned.  The 'audience' is in another room using computers on the same domain.


      It is my understanding that setting the 'Alert Sound' in the account setting should play an alert via browser if one happens to be on the Alerts page.  My customer would be on a page we built for them and not on this page.  Additionally, the Page Refresh setting in the web console would seem to be the interval that would come into play for when a sound would be played (since our refresh is set to five minutes, and there is almost always something in the network down, I expect this would result in a sound every five minutes that would get tuned out, and only even work if the browser was pointed to the alerts page).


      I have been told that in other monitoring systems (Spectrum), one can be notified of outages independent of browser refreshes.  No details yet on how that works and if it involves agents.  I am aware that Outlook can be configured to play a sound selectively via rules.  I'm hoping for a solution without too much duct tape or points of failure.


      Does anyone have something in place to play a sound on a browser upon a monitored device not being pingable?